About Us

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Our mission is to provide hotel services with standards of care and quality to our business or vacationing customers in an exclusive sector of the City. The physical structure of Montes De La Castellana Boutique Hotel was a residence within the traditional La Castellana neighborhood until the end of the first decade of this century. It operated as an accommodation for some years. Then, in 2013, a local entrepreneur acquired the building and dedicated himself to its restoration and total modification to offer accommodation under quality standards, design, services, etc. It began operations on March 1, 2014, and the official opening occur on April 1 of the same year.


In the coming five years, we will strengthen and consolidate our presence in the City. We aim to become a recognized name in the business hotel industry and act as a channel for promoting, disseminating, and marketing the tourist products that the Coffee Cultural Landscape offers.



We are committed to ensuring that the products or services offered are of excellent quality for our guests.


Our commitment is to provide our staff with suitable and optimum working conditions. We will ensure that the products or services we provide meet excellent quality standards for our guests. We will comply with the applicable regulations and promote the responsible use of natural resources and their preservation.


We establish a trusting relationship, ensuring that customers are aware that their needs and desires will be met.


We maintain open channels of communication for both our external and internal customers, allowing them to express themselves with complete confidence in the event of differing beliefs or opinions, as long as they are presented with respect and courtesy.


We demand from our employees the utmost respect for arrival and departure times, particularly in their interactions with customers. This ensures that the check-in, check-out, breakfast, and other hotel services are consistently met.


The hotel places a primary focus on its employees integrating in such a way that their synergy stands out and contributes to achieving the proposed business and personal objectives.


We promote truth as a fundamental tool to build trust and credibility for the company, both among the members of the company and with our customers.